Tyger Auto Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Tyger Auto Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Are you looking for a cover for your pick truck’s bed? Do you have a Silverado Sierra 2500 or 3500 from 2015 to 2018 or a 2014 to 2018 Chevy Silverado? If yes, then the Tyger Auto TG-BC3C1007 Tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover might be the right thing for you. 

A tonneau cover might seem like a simple device when you look at it, but it has numerous benefits for your pickup truck than you might realize. Here are the fantastic features and advantages of the Tyger Auto tonneau cover.

Tyger Auto Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Features

A tonneau cover can provide several benefits to the truck owners. On the surface, it might seem that this type of cover will only protect the bed, but you will be surprised to know that it can improve your gas mileage as well.

About The Product

The manufacturer of the equipment claims that it can save you up to 12% on your gas consumption once you have installed the bed cover correctly. The reason behind the gas consumption savings is aerodynamics. Once the wind is not putting extraordinary weight on the engine, the gas mileage will automatically improve.

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    It fits a 6.5ft bed perfectly—will not provide any other bed size
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    It is compatible with Silverado from 2014 to 2015, GMC Sierra (2015 to 2018), Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 from 2015 to 2018
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    The material of the cover is double coat vinyl 24oz marine grade
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    The frames are sturdy due to the aluminum powder coating
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    The clamps are stainless steel for hassle-free attachment and long-lasting durability
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    The cover folds with the horizontal bars inside so you can access the bed of the vehicle when you want
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    Does not require any drilling during the installation on most compatible trucks

One of the best things about Tyger Auto tonneau cover is the materials the company has used in its making. They have used the materials intelligently. The fabric part of the cover is high-quality vinyl that can take a lot of beating from the weather without quitting.

The frame has an aluminum coating to add sturdiness and durability to the item. Moreover, the clamps that you use for securing it in place are stainless steel. It is easy to install and comes assembled, so you don't have to do any guesswork. Mount it on the bed of your truck; use the clamps to fix it on the bed rails.

Another aspect of this particular cover that makes it unique is the folding. You don't have to remove the entire cover to access the bed of your truck. The tri-fold mechanism allows you to fold the cover with the horizontal crossbars to access any items that are resting on the bed of your pickup truck.

Tyger Auto Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Dimensions

The cover has enough height to let you store a lot of items, e.g., bicycles, tools, kayaks, etc. At the same time, the cover is low-profile not to mar the beauty of your pickup truck.



  • The cover is a combination of aluminum, high-grade vinyl and stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Tri-folding mechanism gives pickup owners access to the bed without requiring them to remove the whole cover
  • Installation is a breeze with stainless steel clamps that fix the cover on the bed with a snap
  • Has a low-profile to complement the looks of the truck
  • With compatible trucks, the cover installation requires no drilling
  • Can be a bit pricey for some people
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    Does not offer any color combinations

What Others Say

It won’t be wrong to say that Tyger Auto tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover is one of the most well-received truck bed covers on the market today. It seems that almost every customer who bought the cover is happy with it.

The first thing that most customers have loved about the cover is its easy installation. People don’t like to buy an item and then spend hours figuring out how to install it. It comes pre-assembled and fits on the bed with a clamp mechanism.

The materials have also received admiration from the customers. They love the fact that the vinyl is of high quality and even the crossbars contain aluminum for maximum durability. The cover was an excellent deal for some customers who expressed they were not happy with other covers that cost them much more too.

Tyger Auto Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Source: tygerauto.com

Most of the customers have shown satisfaction at the fact that the cover held well during snowfall and rainfall. Many users have also praised the fact that it perfectly fits a 6.5ft deck and does not flap with the wind.

Buying Advice

The first thing you want to make sure before you purchase the tonneau cover is the size of your truck’s bed. Even an inch of difference means you will not be able to install the cover. This cover is for 6.5ft beds so be sure your bed size is precisely that. It is not a hardcover so you will have to avoid putting pointy and heavy objects on or under it. 

Also, your main aim to buy this cover should be to cover the bed and protect your stuff. Improved gas mileage is an additional advantage, and you must not look at it as a primary advantage of the cover.

Final Verdict

You can trust the reviews and feedbacks that most customers have given the product. Secondly, the manufacturer does not hide any relevant details from you. They are clear in stating that the cover is for a 6.5ft bed and it is now on you to avoid buying this size if your truck's bed size is not 6.5ft.

The material choice for the cover is intelligent too. It is a product that you can recommend to your family, friends, and colleagues for its benefits, durability, and price.

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