Tonno Pro Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Tonno Pro Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Who wouldn’t like their vehicles covered with smart looking truck bedcover instead of open and cluttered bedcover?  Roll-up truck bed covers have become an essential requirement for those who own four-wheelers and often travel along with their cargo from place to place.

Moving long distance requires you to purchase a quality roll-up cover to ensure the safety of the materials or tool you are carrying along.

Water Rubber Seal

Tonno Pro Tri-Fold Truck bed cover, in this regard, can be your ultimate protector as it comes equipped with sturdy rubber seals that are waterproof and keeps your vehicle protected from moisture and leakage. At an affordable price, it provides you mileage, protection and a perfect style you desire.

About The Product

Buyers who demand an unmatched quality, Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover suits their needs as it has a durable aluminum frame. The product sets its aim to provide multi-functional truck bed cover folding with premium quality and cargo protection.

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    Entails 24.5 premium grade vinyl polyester
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    Has power to withstand  severe climatic conditions
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    Has  nylon connectors to help it fold compactly
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    Contains 6063 robust Black powdered Aluminum coated frame
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    Come Water Rubber seal for water protection
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    Has the capacity to fit extra 5.7 short Bed
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    Comes pre-assembled, no drilling and easy installation
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    Entails Snap-fastening system to support secure open and closed positions

Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover, with a plethora of qualities, has taken the precedence over other truck bed covers. The classic tear- resistant truck bed cover is one of the fastest growing products for some of its unique advantages. Moreover, to keep your vehicle's bed cover secure from rust, corrosion, and weathering, the product incorporates some advanced features.

Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover is undeniably an excellent solution that helps you conceal or cover the valuable tools or cargo you carry in a vehicle. The product mainly has the 6063 coated aluminum frame, along with some robust glass components for unparalleled protection against severe environmental conditions.

Plus, it uses a slide lock design for a comfortable fitting and adjustment. To further increase the potential of truck bed cover, the product has marine grade vinyl. It entails double-sided tear-resistant capacity that constitutes an active protection system against the weather to prevent cargo damage.  

The vinyl cover is durable and helps you cover your valuable from heavy snow and hail damage. Moreover, vinyl cover has wicking stitching to lock extra moisture. This feature enables you to prevent moisture and keep your vehicle’s bedcover dry for a more extended period.

Furthermore, to ensure maximum safety from humid conditions that may deteriorate your valuables, Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover encompasses Water seal mechanism.  With coated stitching and front flap, water seal mechanism double the protection against water leakage.

No longer do you need to worry about the cold and hot weather as Water rubber seal withstands harsh and extreme temperatures. You can quickly fold and remove it to spare extra place for oversized cargo.

Easy Installation

This excellent tri-fold truck bed cover has nothing every day to share with its competitors when it comes to original installation and application. It comes pre-assembled excluding any requirement of drill fixing. This automatic installation equally saves your time by making installation a 5-minute process. Not only this, it features fantastic adjustability when you fold it.

Storage may seem insignificant when you talk about roll-up vehicle covers; however, Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover takes these minor things into account to facilitate you. It has Clip fastening system and smooth, adjustable clamps that work when you require some extra storage.

The Tonno bed cover can be folded up providing you a good open space to keep your extra cargo safely. The enormous head seal is mainly constructed into tri-fold tonneau to improve the efficiency of Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover.

The product does not only set itself apart from truck’s bedcover due to its exceptional functionality, but its low profile and decent design enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Stylish and trendy, Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover gives you better fuel mileage by reducing aerodynamics.  Buying this secure truck bed cover is a decent deal as it offers gifts to assist you to use this unique product.



  • Powerful design for long-lasting protection
  • Tear resistant
  • Easy installation and application
  • Water Seal protection to keep things safe
  • Long-term warranty
  • Cost-effective
  • None

What Others Say

The product has proven its durability with its dominant and stable performance. Buyers are relatively delighted with the features of clamps adjustability and vinyl covering that has been a great help for them in protecting their valuable things.

Most of the buyers expressed on the different forums that installation of the bed cover took less time than it took for unpacking the product from the box. That means that feature of easy installation has dramatically impressed the customers. Moreover, buyers found the product absolute bargains buy and they are delighted to receive gifts with it.

Buying Advice

Most of the customers raised their concerns how Tonno bed cover damaged the paint when they removed it mainly from the back side of the vehicle. However, it was reported mostly by the customers who own an old model of Dodge Ram, and their cars required proper maintenance. Other than that, this excellent product is economical and delivers what it claims.

Tonno Pro Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


If you are an interested buyer, Amazon is offering some exciting discount offers on its gift card. The product is available under $275.

Final Verdict

All in all, Tonno Tri-Fold Truck bed cover comes packed with ideal features if you are looking for a reliable and excellent protection mechanism. Moreover, securing your truck's bed and cargo from damaging weather conditions, this exceptional product guarantees outstanding performance and can be the best companion of your vehicle.

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