Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover Review

Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover Review

With so much risk surrounding the possibility of carrying cargo without securing it, it’s become essential to add a tonneau cover to your pickup truck. Most owners are no strangers to the suggestion, but the thought of possibly wrestling with a problematic cover makes them avoid installing one in the first place.

A brand that’s highly popular among pickup truck owners, Roll N Lock is known for its innovative tonneau covers that give an extra layer of protection while maintaining the rugged appeal. Their latest addition to the M series is revolutionizing the way truck owners secure their cargo.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover Key Slot

The LG221M by Roll N Lock is faster and more secure than its rivals. There aren't any snaps that you have to fiddle with, and you don't have to keep up with the demanding chore of folding a cover. 

About The Product

The Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover has a bunch of benefits that make it an excellent addition to your pickup. To begin with, it has the patented feature of a shapely hinge design which allows smoother rotation without the occurrence of effects like friction.

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    The weight of the Product: 95 pounds
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    Dimensions: 74” x 13” x 15”
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    Model #: LG221M, M-series
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    Clamp-on track
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    Ratchet type mechanism locks it
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    Features Aerodynamic Housing Lid
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    Locking lever slides open the cover
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    Completely retracted Tonneau Cover

When rotated, the flange acts like a useful obstruction and hence, reduces excess stress levied upon the surface. On the other hand, its locking flange retains the nearby slat's radius when in a flat position, thereby avoiding disengagement whenever you load a lot of stuff on the vehicle.

The LG221M is built-in with the Torsion Spring Drive, a crucial aspect of every tonneau that is part of the M-series and a 3-inch reel of aluminum surrounds it. This factor ensures durability despite many years of heavy-duty use. 

The incorporation of a sturdy tailgate lock is what makes this model all the more preferable than others. This tailgate lock is a system with four individual locking points and provides the advantage of quick security. It does so by fastening the bed cover and tailgate, both at the same time.

Better than the rest, the M-series by Roll N Lock is different because of the durable surface incorporated with vinyl.

A fantastic feature of the LG221M is that, upon closer inspection, you can notice how the slats are affixed together tightly in a way that they're inseparable. Upon rotating them, the intricate construction keeps the metal components from coming in contact with one another, thereby reducing friction. 

Being one of the most effective retractable covers out there, closing and opening this tonneau only takes a matter of seconds. Most importantly, it does this without compromising on the security of precious cargo.

But just because it functions quickly, doesn't mean that installing this model takes up a considerable amount of time. That's because of the installation track that merely clamps onto your truck without creating the need for drilling any holes in your pickup.

Finger Insulator Gripper

The drain fittings on models of the M series, including this one, are recessed so that any water that enters the unit is aptly drained out. Let’s not forget the well-integrated details like finger insulator gripper, cover for the key slot and numerous latching positions that ensure your cargo stays safe.



  • The contoured design of hinges gives a smooth retraction
  • Multi-functional flange works when rotated and flat
  • Constructed with a torsion spring drive
  • Highly durable tonneau will withstand heavy duty usage
  • Tailgate locking system offers security instantly
  • An indestructible vinyl surface supported by the slatted aluminum substrate
  • Pricey

What Othes Say

Buyers of the LG221M model from the M-series by Roll N Lock are quite impressed with its ability to keep up with the demands of a pickup truck. Based on online forums, this model has gained a large number of positive reviews from truck owners.

Most of the testimonials state how buyers can let go of the struggles that come with a tonneau cover that isn't entirely retractable.

Convenient installation is another feature that has been praised by users of the LG221M because the clamp-on track doesn’t require them to go through the hassle of drilling holes.

Buyers also had much to say about the aesthetic appeal of the lightweight lid that's designed to be aerodynamic. The highlight of this model, however, was the sturdy construction that keeps the slats well connected when flat but prevents contact between them when rotated.

Buying Advice

While it’s true that the model LG221M has some pretty impressive features, one should remember that the value of such benefits is highly priced. Many prospective buyers were put off by the hefty price tag that accompanies the tonneau, but current users reassure that it will last long enough to give a return on their initial investment.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover


With features like vinyl construction and a torsion spring drive, you can have peace of mind knowing that this tonneau will last longer than the rest and won't create the need for repairs or replacements.

Interested buyers can purchase the LG221M model for the M series by Roll N Lock can buy it from Amazon at the price of under $1,240. Also, upon purchasing this item from Amazon, you can avail the exclusive benefit of free shipping.

Final Verdict

Although pickup trucks are considered to be suited to rough usage compared to their more delicate automobile counterparts, you need to take care of everything still. You'll find that the LG221M from the M series by Roll N Lock makes a significant contribution when it comes to caring for your truck and cargo.

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